Wish List Proposal

The Delavan Education Foundation is a charitable foundation committed to promoting, enhancing and assisting in funding projects, capital expenditures, or other creative ideas which support, encourage, and promote “academic excellence” for the students of Community Unit District No. 703.  It is not the intended purpose of the Delavan Education Foundation to fund, either fully or partially, any project, capital expenditure, or other item which is normally funded by the Community Unit District No. 703 School Board.

Name and position of proposer (Proposers must be employees of the Delavan Community Unit School District):                                                                                                        ______

Phone number and/or e-mail address:_______________________________________

Nature of Project:                                                                          ____

Amount Needed (Provide an exact sum based on actual costs, do not


Describe for the board the project, its goals and activities.  Include information regarding how this project will benefit students (attach a separate page or pages if necessary).




A short description of the project and its benefits to be posted with the proposal:



Note:  Funding of any project may also require the approval of the school Principal, School Superintendant, and/or the School Board.  The DEF retains the right to establish Wish List policies regarding but not limited to the amount of money requested per item or on the list as a whole, limiting the number of proposals presented on the list, time posted on the list, the order in which items appear, the number of proposals per person or area, and the establishment of a waiting list.

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                                  Delavan Education Foundation President

Check One:


___Approved with the following limitation:

       Denied for the following reason:

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