Challenges for District 703

As you have undoubtedly heard, the State of Illinois budget is in a bad way. Unfortunately, the hard financial times are affecting not only the State budget, but the Delavan Community Unit School District budget also. The State owes the school district nearly a quarter million dollars so far this year, and State budget cuts along with reduced property and corporate taxes suggest a near half million dollar reduction in incoming funds next year.

The school district is not waiting for the bad news to get worse. They are actively planning for reduced resources and making plans for how to deliver the best education possible within their budget. Hard decisions are being made. In recognition of the seriousness of the situation, the Delavan Schools administration is freezing their own salaries and not taking their contracted raises next year.

The Delavan Education Foundation wants to help the Delavan Schools face this challenge. In the past we have provided funding for extra and innovative programs at the school. But it is time to provide more. We want to be sure the schools have all the supplies, equipment, and textbooks they need as well as the extra programs, like Art Day, Camp-Read-A-Lot, and Community Night. We do not want the students to be able to detect that cuts have been made in the budget of their school.

As a 501c3 organization, all donations to the Delavan Education Foundation are tax deductible. In addition, the organization is run by a volunteer board and 100% of your donation goes to help the Delavan Schools. We keep all our money in Delavan at First Farmer’s Bank, which will provide us with farm management and brokerage services as needed. With recent bequests our efforts for the school are increasing, but not as quickly as needed. Won’t you help?

Please send donations to:


PO BOX 765

Delavan, IL 61734

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