2013 Funded Projects


The Delavan Education Foundation has granted the following requests from faculty members at the Delavan School in this current calendar year of 2013.

Mrs. Carlea West, Delavan High School Guidance Counselor, requested help with funding for ZAPS training, a program for the Junior Class to help them prepare for the ACT test and the Prairie State Achievement Examination, both tests to be given in April.     The DEF Board granted $360 to Mrs. West to partially fund the ZAPS training.

Mrs. West also requested funding for the Hugh O’Brien Seminar.  (HOBY)    HOBY is a leadership training program to which high schools send an outstanding sophomore.     There will be a HOBY held in central Illinois in June.   This is a national program and is a valuable experience for the nominated sophomore.    The DEF Board granted $150 to Mrs. West to help send a sophomore to this program.

Stacey Nannen, Junior High Faculty member, requested funding to purchase curriculum materials for the Junior High Advisory program, named ROAR TO SOAR.    The DEF Board granted $152.48 to Mrs. Nannen to purchase these materials.

Joanne Ferree, Art Instructor at the Delavan Schools, requested funding to begin an art awareness program in the Delavan Elementary grades.    Karli Diekhoff Johnson had raised funds to restore art in the elementary school.   The DEF Board voted to disperse $881.88 from Mrs. Johnson’s art fund to Mrs. Ferree to begin an art project in each elementary grade this spring.

Steve Skinner, Band Instructor, requested funding to purchase orchestral bells and a stand to be used in band performances.   The DEF Board granted $340 to partially complete the purchase of orchestral bells.

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